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Andrew Myers, Lydia Ryan and Emmy Aston during the Montserrat Carnival 2019.

Eco Montserrat Seeking Donors to Support Project’s Continuation

The EcoMontserrat project which has enabled thousands of pounds of trash, plastic and glass to be removed from the island’s environment will end on April 1, 2021. The project leads are hoping that the community will rally around the initiative and give money to keep it alive.
In 2018, Scuba Montserrat and it’s non-profit arm Island Solutions won a Darwin Plus Initiative grant to lead an island-wide recycling and plastic waste reduction effort.
“We have stopped over 600,000 bottles from going to the land fill or ending up on our beaches, on the side of the road or in the sea,” the eco activists said.
Eco Montserrat photo of a beach clean up in 2020.

Some of the initiatives include setting up special drop-off points across the island to collect glass bottles and jars, which were crushed on island and redistributed free of charge, dedicate glass recycling bins at local restaurants and at national events, the distribution of eco-friendly cups, straws, cutlery and food containers, and free reusable shopping bag promotions.

Andrew Myers and Emmy Aston, who run the project said they have been unsuccessful in attracting additional donor support.
“On April 1st, 2021 EcoMontserrat’s grant funding through the Darwin Plus Initiative ends and despite our extensive efforts to not only continue but also expand the project we have been unable to secure additional grants to keep it going.”
They have launched a crowdfunding campaign in the hopes the community will support the projects continuation.
“With your help EcoMontserrat will continue to collect and process glass from all around the island, keeping our island cleaner and greener,” the social entrepreneurs said.
To donate, visit one of the links below: