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SVG Air lands at John A. Osborne Airport

Subsidised Airfares Between Montserrat and Antigua End

Flights on both SVG and Fly Montserrat have returned to pre-subsidy fares as of April 1, 2021.
Last October, after regular ferry service was discontinued, the Government of Montserrat had been offering a XCD$ 300 roundtrip subsidy to airlines to keep costs down. This reduced airfares on both airlines to XCD$170 one-way.
The agreement was for a six-month period which ended March 31, 2021.
SVG Air tickets online, currently cost around US$225.14 or XCD607.00 and on Fly Montserrat US$ 255 or XCD 688.50. Fly Montserrat also has special travel fares available which lower this cost.
No word from the Access Division as to whether the discounted fares will return once the Government receives it’s 2021/22 financial aid package from FCDO.
Currently, the airport is closed for resurfacing, and expected to be reopened April 22, 2021.