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John Sweeney Montserrat Fund Donates to Children’s Society

The John Sweeney Montserrat Fund made a generous contribution on Thursday to the Montserrat Children’s Society campaign to host Summer Camp here.

Broadcast live on ZJB Radio, Elizabeth Piper Wade, the local representative of the fund said that the society’s campaign came to Mr. Sweeney’s attention through a Discover Montserrat article. She said Mr. Sweeney, who was born in Montserrat and has wonderful memories of growing up here, is passionate about serving causes where children are involved.


Margaret Ainsworth of the Montserrat Children Society was unaware of the amount of the contribution which would be made to the charity before the announcement on air. She said from 2014 to 2019, the registered non-profit has hosted a Summer Camp for children aged for to seven years for six weeks. The camp in 2019, provided a full day of entertainment, education, school work support. field trips, and warm meals to 60 children. They were unable to do so in 2020, due to COVID-19.

It is there hope that with community support, they will be able to host a camp this year. Their goal is to raise XCD20,000 to operate the six-week programme, which they say is a big help for parents who are overwhelmed and overworked.

“We often say it takes a village to raise a child but times have changed. Now, more families are broken and many don’t have the support of family members close by. At the camp, parents know their children are safe and properly looked after,” Ainsworth said during the radio interview with host George “JGP” Piper.

Ms Piper-Wade presented a check of XCD 2,000 which Mrs Ainsworth was thrilled to receive. She said that they have been receiving support for their online campaign as well as direct cash donations from residents.

Elizabeth Piper-Wade and Margaret Ainsworth hold a check for 2000$ from the John Sweeney Montserrat Fund
Elizabeth Piper-Wade and Margaret Ainsworth hold a check for $2000 from the John Sweeney Montserrat Fund. (Discover Montserrat Photo)

The Montserrat Children’s Society was set up to help the most vulnerable and those in dire need as identified by the Social Services and other organisations. In 2020, the continued to support individual families with financial help who would not have otherwise qualified for assistance.

Ainsworth said one of the important matters the society wants to see move forward is legislation which would treat all children as equals. Currently their are different rights and privileges for children of nationals and non-nationals.

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