Meet the Artist - Serene Leonard
Meet the Artist - Serene Leonard

The Art Show to Introduce Lessor-Known Artists to Montserrat

Meet the Artist – Chaquille Sam

Seven local artists, some of them unknown, will be headlining The Art Show, a week-long exhibition at the Montserrat National Trust starting August 28, 2021.

Organiser and artists Serene Leonard told Sharlene Lindsay, host of D Culture Show on Friday, that she went on a mission to find unknown artists to highlight for the event, she hopes will become an annual one.

Carded to present new work are Chaquille Sam, Clover Lea, Alphonsus Baron, Jacinth Mullings, Anita Valechha and Claron Smartt Fenton.

Leonard said creating The Art Show was also an opportunity to push the artists outside of their comfort zone.

Meet the Artist – Clarone Fenton

Since the age of five, Chaquille Sam has been drawing animated characters but his passion was reignited in 2018 when he challenged himself to sketch portraits. For The Art Show, Sam will be using graphite pencils to further develop his skills by creating unique paintings.

Clarone Smartt Fenton is a self-taught local artist whose style consists of tribal, abstract and floral art. While he normally works with black and white, Clarone has begun to experiment with colour. For The Art Show, he will be using acrylic paints to create his pieces.

Clover Lea is most popularly known on island as a musician but said she has always known that visual arts were her strength. She began working with graphite to create portraits but has since gone on to explore other media to create stunning portraits and dreamscapes. For The Art Show, Clover will be presenting pieces created with acrylic and watercolours.

Meet the Artist - Clover Lea
Meet the Artist – Clover Lea

While Serene Leonard has always loved drawing, she found her passion for painting after moving to the United Kingdom. She love to use contrast to create vibrant surreal acrylic paintings that remind her of the colourful skies of Montserrat. A self-taught artist, she will be using acrylic paints to present new works at The Art Show.

London-based Leonard said it has been a headache to get the art supplies locally. The canvases are being made on island and paints have been sourced from MS Osborne and Romeo’s. She thanked her sponsors for helping her to provide the artists with everything they need to shine.

The Art Show will open on Saturday, August 28 at 5PM until 8PM at the Montserrat National Trust exhibition hall in Salem. Entrance is free and their will be light refreshments. Goat water and other assorted drinks will be on sale.

The Art Show runs until September 3.