Work and Visual Disabilities poster. Wednesday August 25 on ZJB Radio

Work & Visual Disabilities – A Panel Discussion on ZJB Radio This Wednesday

On Wednesday, August 25, ZJB Radio Montserrat will host a panel discussion on Work and Visual Disabilities.
The initiative is being spearheaded by Steve “Ice Man” Weekes who last year was dismissed from his job with the Government of Montserrat after being medically boarded for his visual disability.
Weekes, the Montserrat Civil Servants Association and the Montserrat Association of Persons with Disabilities  have expressed concern that the practice will affect many other workers who have various disabilities. Also any physically-able person today could develop a disability tomorrow, says Weekes. Should this inhibit them from continuing work?
This conversation, which will feature members of the legal profession, representatives from the labour department, the MCSA and MAPD. will highlight the issue and take a look at some of the ways that the government and other employers can adapt the work environment to allow people with visual disabilities to continue work. Also there will be contributions from persons with visual disabilities who will share how they have had to adapt to provide for themselves.
The programme airs at 8PM on ZJB Radio –