FCDO/GOM Financial Aid Mission on 2022/23 Budget Begins

A four-person team from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) are currently participating in the annual Financial Aid Mission to discuss the 2022/23 recurrent budget for the Government of Montserrat. Early indications are that the budget contribution from the UK will not be increased from the current year.

The first two days of the session were held virtually, as the team is currently in quarantine. Face-to-face sessions are expected to begin on Wednesday.

Representing the FCDO are Adam Pile – Deputy Director, Head of Caribbean and Southern Oceans Team, Gareth Holvey – Head of Caribbean & Bermuda Team and Senior Responsible Owner Montserrat Financial Aid. Harry Fisher – Economics Adviser, and Allan Clarkin – Deputy Programme Manager, Montserrat Financial Aid

The government’s core team for the mission comprises Mrs. Lyndell Simpson – Deputy Governor, Ms. Lindorna Lambert – Financial Secretary, Kenya Lee – Deputy Financial Secretary (Ag), Ms. Lauren Piper – Budget Analyst, Ms. Alverna Weekes – Senior Aid Officer, and Mrs. Cynthia Dyett – Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Officer.

Monday’s budge discussions centered around 2020 – 2021 budget outturn against estimates, macroeconomic and fiscal forecasts, budget 2022/23, and small capital project matters.

Tuesday’s discussions were with a cross section of government departments including External Audit and Statistics as well as non-governmental agencies such as the Montserrat Red Cross, Montserrat Association for People With Disabilities, and the Montserrat Chamber of Commerce.

Discussions will continue until Thursday evening and conclude with a press briefing on Friday.