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Monthly Road to 60 Village Celebrations on MAC Festival Calendar

The Montserrat Arts Council has released a calendar of Montserrat festivals and other community activities for 2022.
The calendar features dates for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Festival and Montserrat Carnival, for which we will be celebrating the 40th and 60th anniversaries, respectively.
Dates are also marked for the annual Calabash Festival in July and Alliouagana Festival of the Word (LitFest) in November. A few honorable mentions on the calendar are the Cudjoe Head Day festivities in July, Emancipation Day in August and the Men Against Cancer (MAC) Walk in November.
Another noteworthy mention is the addition of the Road to Carnival 60 Village Celebrations. Due to the Covid-19 curfew in January, the first Village Celebration will take place in February, with more to follow on a monthly basis until Carnival 60 in December.
Director of the Montserrat Arts Council, Kenneth Silcott, remarked “It is important that we continue our forward thinking as we plan and prepare for the upcoming activities this
year. The annual calendar will assist travellers and further enhance our tourism product.
It allows our visitors, local promoters and vendors the ability to plan ahead for upcoming travels and events”.
For more information, contact the Montserrat Arts Council on (664) 491-8555 or 8556.
Alternatively, you can send your query via email to