Montserrat Records Second COVID-19 Related Death

The Montserrat Ministry of Health and Social Services is deeply saddened to announce the death of one resident from COVID-19.
The individual was admitted to the isolation ward of the Glendon Hospital in January.
Ministry of Health Officials said all efforts were made to give the individual the best chance of recovery. However, the Ministry explained that given the severity of infection and comorbidities (underlying conditions), the individual succumbed to the disease today, February 8, 2022. The deceased was unvaccinated. This brings the local COVID-19 death toll to two.
Officials further expressed condolences to the bereaved and issued a call for residents to appreciate the severity of the pandemic and take all necessary steps to protect themselves from COVID-19.

This includes trusted infection-control measures of good hygiene, frequent sanitization, mask wearing in public spaces and social distancing; as well as vaccination which improves the body’s ability to fight disease and leads to an easier recovery and better outcome should COVID-19 infection occur.

Residents are advised to register for vaccination by contacting the St. John’s Health Centre at 491-5218.