Spike in Flu-Like Symptoms in Children Not Coronavirus, Say Health Officials

Ministry of Health and Social Services has confirmed the presence of rhinovirus on island. The virus is the predominant cause of the common cold. Ministry officials noted that there was a recent spike in children with flu-like symptoms being treated at the island’s Health Centres.
With COVID-19 ruled out, samples were sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) for further genomic testing.
Parents and residents alike are reminded that practicing good hygiene will limit spread of the virus. Good hygiene practices include frequent sanitization and the correct cough and cold etiquette of covering coughs and sneezes, using disposable tissues and frequent hand washing.
Additionally, sick children and residents should refrain from going to school or work until symptoms subside. The common cold is self-limiting, lasting approximately 5 to 7 days. Infected persons can ease discomfort with over the counter cough and cold remedies.
Residents are also cautioned to continue the wearing of face coverings in public spaces and adhering to the social distancing and quarantine protocols to protect from the much more serious respiratory illness; COVID-19.