Montserrat National Trust to Relaunch Programme for Children, Monty’s Messengers on St. Patrick’s Day

The Montserrat National Trust (MNT) is relaunching its children’s group Monty’s Messengers on St. Patrick’s Day Thursday, March 17, 2022.
According to a release from the trust, “Monty’s Messenger was a program established by the MNT pre-volcano, to engage school children and develop their love for Montserrat’s target species (namely the Montserrat oriole). It was also an exciting way for children to explore our local forests and wetlands, learn more about Montserrat’s nature and culture and embrace their responsibility to it.
“There is a paradigm shift taking place in how children socialise, learn and spend their free time. Screens have become more or less omnipresent and in this modern culture, children are increasingly sedentary, unaware of the natural world and distracted. They spend an average of seven hours in front of a screen each day and less time outside than ever before.
“The MNT is introducing Monty’s Messengers to the new generation, as we are committed to getting our children’s childhood back into nature, by giving them the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including (but not limited to):
● Learning about Montserrat’s history and culture;
● Creating posters, leaflets, flyers and fact sheets;
● Learning about the dry and wet forests;
● Improving their observation and analytical skills;
● Observing and protecting the environment;

● Learning how to use a map and compass;

● Carrying out wildlife surveys;
● Journaling about nature;
● Learning about ecosystems and more.

A Logo Competition

Monty’s Messenger is a club for kids by kids, so the MNT is also launching a Monty’s Messengers Logo Design competition for children between the ages of 5 – 11 years old to design a logo for the club.
The competition runs from Monday, 23 February 2022 until Monday, 9 March 2022 and the entrance criteria is as follows:
● The logo must include the Montserrat Male Oriole;
● The logo must depict the colours of the Montserrat Male Oriole and the Trust – yellow, black, green and white;
● The logo must include the words Monty’s Messenger;
● The logo has to be original and cartoonish – hand/digitally drawn; and
● The logo must include some aspect of the Montserrat National Trust and or the environment in which the Oriole lives.
The entrants with the best logos will win:
● 1st runner up – a brand new tablet
● 2nd runner up – $100 stationery gift voucher
● 3rd runner up – $50 stationery gift voucher

To find out more about Monty’s Messengers or to participate in the competition, please contact the Montserrat National Trust on 1 664 491 3086 or via email at Submissions can be made to the reception at the Montserrat National Trust, Northern Main Road, Olveston or to the reception or front office of the child’s primary school.