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Montserrat Receives 1st Shipment of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Last Wednesday, Montserrat received its first shipment of 200 doses of COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna from the UK Government. This is the third type of COVID-19 Vaccine enabling the Montserrat vaccination programme, to offer Moderna, Oxford Astra Zeneca and Pfizer vaccines.
The Moderna vaccine is for persons 18 years and older as a first, second and/or booster jab. This batch will expire in early June 2022.
Governor Sarah Tucker said: “As Montserrat opens back up to the world and we start to live with Covid-19, getting vaccinated continues to be our best defence against becoming seriously ill.
“To protect our community. I’d like to encourage all those who are eligible to consider getting vaccinated and /or boosted. Thank you to the UK Government, all of our stakeholders and partners for their continued support to Montserrat as we start to live with COVID-19.”
The COVD-19 Vaccination Programme on island is ongoing and persons living on Montserrat who have not yet done so are encouraged to get vaccinated and boosted. Persons can learn more and register for their COVID-19 vaccines jabs by calling the St. John’s Health Centre on 1-664-491-5218.