Sustainable Development Plan Consultations Continue Next Week

National consultations towards the development of the new Montserrat Sustainable Development Plan (MSDP) will resume on Monday May 16, at 9:30a.m. with a special workshop for the governance sector.

The engagement process started in November 2021 when stakeholders from various sectors examined the national vision and goals; Montserrat’s current reality; and began looking at strategies for the next development period. The findings of this first phase of consultations have been compiled into the Summary Report on Phase 1; the report is available on the Government website at the following link:

Under Phase II, consultations will continue across all sectors to validate the findings of Phase I; and to agree the strategies, programmes and activities to be implemented in the short, medium, and long term. Local residents and persons living in the diaspora are encouraged to participate fully in the process as this is an important opportunity to help shape Montserrat’s future.

The SDP project falls under the remit of the Ministry of Finance & Economic Management and is being steered by the SDP Steering Committee with support from development Consultants Albert Daley and Trevor Spence from Jamaica.
To learn more about the process and how to become involved, contact the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management at (664) 491-2777 or by email at Information regarding the national consultations and the SDP will also be made available via