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CEO of Travel World Roselyn Cassell-Sealy and Premier Joseph Farrell at Seatrade 2022

Cruise Lines Show Interest in Montserrat at Seatrade 2022

Tourism officials say that Montserrat is now on the radar of several cruise lines for the 2022/23 season because of the island’s attendance at Seatrade Cruise Global 2022.
The event, held at the Miami Beach Convention Centre, during the period April 25 – 28, brought together thousands of cruise executives, decision makers, thought leaders, suppliers and destination representatives to network and learn.  According to a release from the Montserrat Tourism Division, this year’s conference “celebrated resilience, which beckoned collaboration across sectors for safer and more innovative cruising experiences.”
CEO of Travel World Roselyn Cassell-Sealy and Premier Joseph Farrell at Seatrade 2022

The Montserrat delegation, headed by Premier Joseph Farrell, showcased the island through videos, brochures and provided critical information about the new port that is due to be constructed. The destination was highlighted as a novel stop to potential cruise liners who are looking to add it to their itinerary.

“Eight vessels, which include two new vessels, have already confirmed visits to the destination for the 2022/2023 season, most of which are luxury cruise liners and will be making several calls during the period. Some have also confirmed that they will be docking at Port Little Bay for extended periods, which will provide the opportunity for later tours and additional experiences, either on shore or on the vessels. Further, two new vessels are looking to add Montserrat to their 2023/2024 Itinerary,” the release noted.
Tourism Director Rosetta West-Gerald at Seatrade 2022.

Premier Joseph Farrell said in addition to the contacts made with cruise liners, there were rich discussions and workshops which focused on marketing, sustainability, and the future of cruising. “It was critical for Montserrat to participate in Seatrade 2022, as this was the perfect platform to provide updates on the destination including the new port development and to confirm that we are open for business.”

Director of Tourism, Rosetta West-Gerald noted that several “luxury cruise liners are looking for bucket list voyages and are planning to add the Caribbean to their 2024 Itinerary for this very reason. This has put Montserrat at the forefront to be a potential stop, being considered a unique destination by many.” She added that “many vessels are now regarding sustainable travel as ultra-important and have proceeded to retrofit their vessels for this purpose in an attempt to reducing their carbon footprint. This is an important step for the industry as we continue to strive for sustainable tourism.”
This was the first in-person event for Seatrade 2022 since 2019.