Government of Montserrat’s 2022/23 Scholarship Priority List

Cabinet has approved the Government of Montserrat’s Priority List for Long Term Courses of Study and Professional Qualifications to be pursued in the 2022/2023 academic year.

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Cabinet Decision 327/2022 approved 30 areas listed in order of priority for Long Term Learning and another 42 priority areas listed under professional qualifications. The Priority List is ranked according to the Government’s 2021-2024 Policy Agenda.

Cabinet also approved a weighted selection criteria that would be used to identify potential beneficiaries and make recommendations to Cabinet for the award of Scholarships.

The Human Resources Management Unit (HMRU) is now inviting individuals who wish to be considered for scholarships to submit application forms to its office by Thursday 21st July 2022.

Applicants will be asked to submit a completed TD2 form, an acceptance letter from their chosen university or college, an outline of the course of study, proof of the programme cost from the institution and copies of two (2) forms of identification inclusive of a passport.

Long Term Courses of Study – 2022/23

  • Asc/BSc in General Agriculture / Crop Science and Technology (MALHE)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (MoHSS)
  • Registered Nurse Programme (MoHSS)
  • BSc in Mathematics and/or Physics (MoE)
  • BSc Civil Engineering (MCWLE)
  • BSc Medical Technology (MoHSS)
  • Art & Science of Modern Embalming (Private Sector)
  • BA of Arts in English and/or Literature
  • Diploma in Veterinary Lab Technician (MALHE)
  • BA Cultural Management & Development (OPM)
  • BSc in Tourism Management (OPM)
  • BSc in Industrial Art with Focus on CVC qualifications (MoE)
  • Associates/ BA in Early Childhood Education (MoE)
  • BA in Sports Management (MoE)
  • BSc Construction Engineering (MCWLE)
  • BSc Marine Engineering (POL)
  • Gerontology – Health & Social Care of Older Persons (MoHSS)
  • Nurse Anesthetist Programme (MoHSS)
  • BSc in Dental Hygiene & Dental Therapy (Nursing) – (MoHSS)
  • BSc Environmental Health (MoHSS)
  • BSc Medicine, BSc Surgery (MoHSS)
  • BA French (MoE)
  • BA Business Management with Marketing (MCWLE)
  • Vehicle Systems, Overhaul, Repairs and Maintenance (MCWLE)
  • BSc (Hons) Crime Scene Science (POL)
  • BSc Occupational Therapy (MoHSS)
  • BSc Critical Care Nursing (MoHSS)
  • BSC Library and Information Studies (MoE)
  • BSc in Gender Development (MoE)
  • BSC Electrical Engineering (MALHE)

Professional Qualification Courses

  • CIPS Level Four (MoFEM)
  • CIPS Level Two (MoFEM)
  • Contract law & Management (MoFEM)
  • CIMA Professional Qualification (MoFEM)
  • ACCA Professional Qualification (MoFEM)
  • Project Management (MoFEM)
  • Programme Management (MoFEM)
  • Risk Management (MoFEM)
  • Procurement (MoFEM)
  • Fraud Examination (MoFEM)
  • Secretarial/ Governance (MoFEM)
  • Certification in Accounting (MoFEM)
  • Certificate in Pension Administration(ODG)
  • Leadership & People Management (ODG)
  • Training in ArcGIS and AutoCAD (MALHE)
  • Geographical Information Professional Certification (MALHE)
  • Project Management Certification (MCWLE)
  • Chartered Certification Engineering/ Architects (MCWLE)
  • Construction Management Certification (MCWLE)
  • Health & Safety Accreditation (MCWLE)
  • Sustainability and Green Building Design (MCWLE)
  • Project Management green Accreditation (MCWLE)
  • Issue Management, Business Case & Financing, Project Execution Plan & Case Study and Improvement in Completeness in Contract Documents (MCWLE)
  • Chartered Engineer Certification (CEng) (MCWLE)
  • Plant Equipment Operation (MCWLE)
  • Basic Supervisor/ Management (MCWLE)
  • Basic Supervisor/ Managerial Skills (MCWLE)
  • ASSI Security Managers Course (MCWLE)
  • Aeronautical Information Management System (MCWLE)
  • SMS and Quality Management System (QMS) (MCWLE)
  • Air Traffic Approach Control (MCWLE)
  • Entry Level Meteorological Technician Course (MCWLE)
  • ICAO Supervisors Course (MCWLE)
  • Advance Diving (POL)
  • Certification – MTU Marine Diesel Training (POL)
  • Domestic Violence Level CPD (POL)
  • Senior Investigator Course (POL)
  • Professional Certificate in Strategic Diplomacy (POL)
  • IT for Broadcast Systems and Broadcast Systems Technology (OPM)
  • Sports Coaching (MoE)
  • Nursing Assistant Programme (MoHSS)

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