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New boat yard in Little Bay has been set up behind the Social Security Building in Little Bay.

Boaters and Fishers Asked to Clear Boat Yard Ahead of Port Project Clean Up

Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing and Environment (MALHE) announced Thursday, a major clean-up of the Little Bay area as part of preparations for the new port development.

The Government of Montserrat has embarked on a major clean-up of the Little Bay area referred to as “the Boat Yard” opposite the Good Life Restaurant in Little Bay, as this site is earmarked as part of the New Port Development.

Fishers and other individuals owning boats, movable equipment and structures such as shipping containers remaining in that general ‘Boat Yard’ area are asked to make arrangements to remove these from this area of crown land by Wednesday July 27th. In an effort to assist, crane trucks will be made available by the Ministry of Agriculture for two days only on Monday July 25th and Tuesday July 26th for the removal of fishing vessels, containers and all other items and securing fishing boats at the approved alternate location prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture. Persons owning other items aside from fishing vessels are asked to make their own arrangements regarding where their items will be placed.

MALHE says this is the final notice and said failure to comply with this notice will result in further steps being taken to effect removal of the items from the site.

People are asked to contact the Director of Agriculture by visiting the Ministry of Agriculture in Brades or by telephone on 491-2075, if further information is required.