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Coming to Montserrat for Christmas/Carnival?

Montserrat will be celebrating its 60th festival, now called carnival, in December.

As one of the island’s premier events, this year’s carnival is expected to be a return to pre-covid travel numbers.

Premier Joseph Farrell, who is also minister of tourism said last week that people planning to travel to the island should share their plans with the government.

As the island is currently only served regularly by two small airlines, it is expected that additional flights would need to be added. To do this, the access division would need to know expected travel numbers.

Premier Farrell invites travellers coming home for carnival to contact the Montserrat Tourism Division at 664-491-4702/4703 or the Montserrat Arts Council at 664-491-8555. This information would enable officials to have an appreciation or arrival numbers and “to ensure they can make adequate facilities to accommodate travelers.”