Premier Farrell Offering Support for Unemployed School Leavers to Start a Business

Joseph Farrell, Premier and Minister of Finance said last week that school leavers should consider entrepreneurship as a viable option for building a livelihood.

Speaking on Let’s Talk with MCAP’s PRO Jenzil Skerritt, the premier said that the government could not absorb the students who graduated this year from high school or the community college.

Premier Farrell encouraged young people looking for work to come and talk to him and the other ministers of government about their ideas. He said there were still funds in the Enterprise Development Scheme that could be made available for viable ideas.

Funds in the grant portion have already been exhausted but small loans with 3.5% interest are still available, he added.

“Come up with ideas to create employment for yourself,” Farrell said on the radio programme. “Come and talk to us and we can direct you to the right person.”

Farrell said he was pleased that for the first time a government scholarship was allocated to someone from the private sector. Tezinia Woodley is to read for a degree in the Art & Science of Modern Embalming.

The premier said he believes the scholarship programme should reach beyond the public sector and serve the private sector as well and they will continue to encourage this.

Farrell shared that his government continues to provide support for children from low-income families. Through the social services department, the government provides free uniforms to children, free lunch and they also subsidise school bus fares.

One-off social welfare support is also granted on a case-by-case basis.

“Your government is working in your best interests. We are hearing you the people and we are going through the issues step by step,” he added.