Government Awards Seven Undergrad Scholarships for 2022/23 School Year

The Office of the Deputy Governor (ODG) has announced the names of the seven individuals who have been awarded scholarships to pursue undergraduate studies abroad.

Scholarships were awarded to Anisha Turner, who will be pursuing a degree in Plant Science, Kenita Barzey, who plans to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy, Kerry-Ann Weekes and Fionan Brown – Registered Nursing, Akyla Davis – Mathematics of Finance, Jayden Ryan – Civil Engineering and Tezinia Woodley a degree in the Art & Science of Modern Embalming.

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A release from ODG said 25 applications were reviewed by the National Training and Scholarship Advisory Committee, based on the Government of Montserrat’s Learning and Development priorities.

The statement said that the priorities are informed by the government’s policy agenda which is the foundation of the island’s development thrust.

For 2022-2023, the government prioritized areas that would enable Montserrat to create modern and high-quality education, deliver priority infrastructure projects to support private sector development and provide health services that supports a reduction in public health concerns, among others.

In submitting their priority learning needs, ministries and departments were also required to consider the number of critical posts which have been vacant for extended periods and have proven hard to fill; and positions identified as critical, hard to fill and approved for funding under the Technical Cooperation Programme.

Consideration was also given to the areas required for succession planning and business continuity; and the areas identified where serving officers need to attain the basic qualifications for their current job, the release said.

The ODG says the number of awards issued annually is dependent on the budget allocated to scholarships and the number of awardees who would complete studies in the particular year.

In fiscal year 2021/2022, five scholarships were awarded.

In keeping with its commitment to developing a culture of continuous learning within the public service and the wider Montserrat Community, the ODG will provide financial assistance to other applicants who are pursuing studies at various institutions across the region and in the United Kingdom.

Further bursaries would be given to applicants who are pursuing Distance Education with the University of the West Indies Open Campus.

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