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VC Bird International Airport - Antigua (FB Photo)

150 Passengers Affected by Fuel Issues at VC Bird International Airport in Antigua

About 150 passengers inbound and outbound from Montserrat are affected by the current fuel issues at the VC Bird International Airport in Antigua & Barbuda.

No flights have been able to travel in and out of Montserrat since Thursday due to the lack of a working fuel engine provided by Signature Flight Support. Regional and international flights are not affected, airport officials said late Friday.

Ashley Lindsay, Director of the Access Division in the Office of the Premier said that they were made aware of the issue on Thursday but learned the full extent of the matter early Friday.

“Signature is working steadily to see how soon they can get the situation sorted. They will update tomorrow evening on their progress,” Lindsay told Discover Montserrat.

The 150 passengers are for the period from Thursday, October 6 to Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

Services such as DHL and other express shipping companies that rely on the two local airlines, Fly Montserrat and SVG / ABM Air, are also being impacted by the cancellations.

The problem is exacerbated for Montserrat as flights are currently the only way passengers can visit the island. Montserrat has not had a regular ferry service since September 2020.