De Voice Ready to Defend at the Justin “Hero” Cassell Calypso Finals for Montserrat Carnival 2022

“If is war they want, is war they gonna get,” says defending monarch Keithroy “De Voice” Morson.

Morson will take on the nine finalists who have made it through the eliminations and semi-finals rounds on Thursday, December 29 at Festival Village in Little Bay, Montserrat.

Roland “Kenzie” Johnson performs at the Calypso Semi-Finals on December 17, 2022.

The competition has been renamed to honour Justin “Hero” Cassell; Montserrat’s first calypso monarch crowned in 1962. Hero still holds the title for the calypsonian with the most crowns, amassing ten local titles during his competitive career. He also won the OECS calypso crown in 1986 in Dominica. The Government of Montserrat awarded him the Order of Excellence for his extraordinary and unwavering commitment, devoted and distinguished contributions.

De Voice, also known as De Bear, has won the local crown five times.

His declaration comes as contender and last year’s runner-up and a former monarch Roland “Kenzie” Johnson came into the race with a song clearly targeted at De Voice called Little Short Fella.  De Voice has shot back with A Shoulda, who calls out his competition, and others in the community who he believes have questioned his reign and willingness to defend the crown.

The calypsonian said “this war” is all part of bringing entertainment back to the calypso competition. It is about giving people what they paid for.

Khandie is the only female calypso monarch for Montserrat. (Copyright Montserrat Arts Council)

Other former monarchs contending for the crown are Herman “Cupid” Francis, Kelvin “Tabu” Duberry, Silvina “Khandie” Malone, Garnett “Sylk” Thompson, Steve “Iceman” Weekes, and Baptiste “Baptiste” Wallace. Peter “Maddie” Sullivan and Kimari “Proklaima” Kirnon are also in the running.

The winner will receive a cash prize of $10,000, with more than $10,000 in special prizes to be won.

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