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Maxcine Lee at Calypso Semi-Finals - Copyright MAC 2022

Montserrat Arts Council Adds Maxcine Lee to Regional Female Calypso Competition

Montserrat will have two calypsonians in this year’s return of the Queen of Queens Regional Female Calypso Competition slated for Friday, December 30 at Festival Village, Little Bay.

Kenneth Silcott, Director of the Montserrat Arts Council said “We have decided to enter both female calypsonians from our semi-finals, Maxcine Lee and Silvina “Khandie” Malone into this year’s competition. We believe they will both benefit from the vast pool of talent and experience from across the region. This will assist them in honing their craft for the betterment and future of Montserrat’s calypso.”

The defending champion is Karene Asche of Trinidad & Tobago.

The performance order for both rounds will be:
1 – Maxcine – Montserrat – Peace & It’s Crazy
2 – Tasha P – DOM – Frenemy Remedy & Treadmill
3 – Chrystal – BGI – A Mother’s Prayer & Crazy
4 – Khandie – MSR – A Child’s Cry & Open Your Eyes
5 – Miss Independent – SKB – People Used to Matter More & Flashlight
6 – Karene Asche – T&T – Farewell Chantwell & Winners Never Quit
7 – Roxxy – AXA – Woman Doing That Too & Journey of Changes
8 – Terri Lyons – T&T – Obeah & Meghan My Dear
9 – Sistah Joyce – BVI – Victim & Don’t Hang Your Hat
10 – Sammie C – ANU – Black Man Redemption & I Live for This

Showtime is 8PM and the event will be available via MACTV on for viewing overseas. The national radio station, ZJB, provides live coverage of the competition on

To learn more about Montserrat Carnival and the Queen of Queens Regional Female Calypso Competition, visit