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Ordained for This! A New Book by Nerissa Golden Makes Amazon’s Best Sellers List

Ordained for This!, a new inspirational book by author and entrepreneur Nerissa Golden has made the Amazon Best Sellers List.

Cover of Ordained for This!

The book, which was released on Friday, February 3, 2023, quickly climbed in the categories of Women’s Personal Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Growth Self-Help, and 90-Minute Self-Help Short Reads. On Monday morning, it sat at #3, #4, and #8 respectively in each category.

Ordained for This! guides women to a new understanding of how to see themselves the way God sees us. Through the Old Testament story of the Widow of Zarephath, Nerissa shares why women don’t need to be their own hero and how understanding the special place we occupy in God’s heart and plan releases us to live fulfilled, protected, provided for and on purpose.

“Heroes are only needed to rescue you in a crisis. If our entire mindset is built around surviving from one crisis to the next we are missing all of the goodness that is ours to have and the peace of mind and blessings that would allow us to make a big impact for our families and community,” shared Golden, who is the mother of four. “This was the book I needed to write, first to remind myself to not go back to that life. Second, I believe this story will encourage other women to make the shift as well. It is available as a free download on all US platforms or under one pound in most other countries.”

Sonja Smith, Librarian at the Montserrat Public Library called the book “Powerful! Insightful! Humorous! These are just some of the words that came to mind when I read the book. This was a really easy read, but to get the essence of the book, it will have to be read over and over again.”

Author Nerissa Golden

This is the second book by Golden which has made the Amazon Best Sellers list for the top 100 books. Her 2021 entrepreneurship guide Start, Grow, Thrive: Build a Business to Last debuted in the top 10 on its release.

Golden is the CEO of Goldenmedia LLC, a media and business strategy firm based in Montserrat. The author of more than 10 books, she is passionate about empowering women and Caribbean people to pursue entrepreneurship and to live fulfilled and impactful lives.

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