Dr Howard Fergus

Public Holiday and Military Funeral with Honours for Sir Howard Fergus

The Government of Montserrat today announced that the late Sir Howard Fergus will be granted full military funeral honours.

Acting Premier Dr. Samuel Joseph said in an official statement from the Office of the Premier “It is my sad duty to announce the official funeral entitlements and honours for Sir Aral Howard Archibald Fergus KBE OE PhD who died peacefully on 23rd March 2023 at the Glendon Hospital in St. John’s, Montserrat.

“Now, therefore, I wish to proclaim that the Government of Montserrat has accorded Sir Howard Archibald Fergus CBE OE MBH PhD a Military Funeral with Honours, as well as appoint Wednesday, 12th April 2023, the day in which Sir Howard will be laid in his final earthly resting place, as a
Public Holiday and a Day of Mourning throughout Montserrat. On this day, both the Montserrat and the British flags will be flown at half-mast.

“We are all deeply saddened by Sir Howard’s passing but his life and legacy will forever remain a heritage of our people. Dr. Fergus, as he was also affectionately known, was the inimitable son of Montserrat soil and an individual of distinguished accomplishments spanning that of Scholar, Acting Governor, Historian, Statesman, Diplomat, Poet and Writer. Held in highest esteem to worldwide acclaim, Montserratians everywhere can be proud that he yet lived a life of largest love and earnest endeavour, not only for our welfare, but also our intellectual, philosophical and spiritual advancement.

“Be it further conveyed, therefore, that it is meet, and right so to do, that we as a country assemble together and unite to pay homage of our abiding love and respect for the life of one who exhibited such unwavering character and achieved so much – a dedicated man of faith, humble, intellectual, witty and cool under pressure.

“As I did before, I extend once again deepest condolences to Lady Eudora Fergus, wife of Sir Howard Fergus, as well as his children and extended family on behalf of the Government and people of Montserrat.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with them and all Montserratians at home and in the diaspora,” the statement read.

The funeral for Sir Howard Fergus will be held at the St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Lookout at 11AM on Wednesday, April 12, 2023.