UK National Search Centre Assisting in Search for Missing Woman

The Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) announced Tuesday that the search for Mary Bruno, who has been missing for almost five months, continues and technical support from the United Kingdom has been sourced to assist in local search efforts.
Mary Bruno

New Commissioner of Police, Dr. Nick Caveney stated that he is committed to resolving the case.

In a statement on their Facebook page, the RMPS said they “continue to vigorously investigate the disappearance of Ms. Mary Bruno last seen in Look Out on the 23rd of October 2022. Ms. Bruno is a black female, aged 74 years, wearing a green blouse and blue skirt at the time of her disappearance.”
The service said it is very grateful for the support of the Royal Montserrat Defense Force, Montserrat Fire Service, and the Disaster Management Agency “who continue to provide expertise and staffing to conduct ground searches in pertinent areas.”
“Given the specialist nature of such work, the UK Conflict Stability and Security Fund, under the FCDO, has sourced help from the UK National Search Centre. This week, the Centre deployed Chief Inspector Mark Sweeney and  Sergeant Mike Spencer to Montserrat to assist in the operation.
According to the police, the specialists Chief Inspector Sweeney and Sergeant Spencer, have been working with local officers and staff on the ground. This has included the searching of undergrowth, the deployment of drones, and searching from the waterside.
RMPS Resumes Search for Missing Woman (RMPS Photo)

Commissioner of Police (CoP) Nick Caveney commented “I am committed to Ms. Bruno’s family that we will enlist the highest level of specialism and support to help us resolve this difficult case. Having support from UK National Search Centre officers bolsters our resources and enables further training for our team here, ensuring our already strong capability fully meets international standards.”

CoP Caveney further stated “I believe someone in the Look Out area will have seen something when Ms. Bruno went missing on the 23rd of October 2022 that could be useful and I now renew our appeal to the people of Montserrat to help us in our search by providing any relevant information they may have.”
Should any member of the public have any relevant information about this case, please contact the RMPS at 664-491-2555 or via email at