Bank of Montserrat Ltd building in Brades.

Bank of Montserrat Awards Two Scholarships for Chartered Surveyors Certification

Bank of Montserrat Limited has awarded two scholarships to Jenzil Skerritt and Szjohn Griffith, to pursue the esteemed Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) certification.

According to a release from the national

Jenzil Skerritt

bank, the “purpose of these scholarships is to build capacity in the field of valuations and increase the number of RICS-certified Valuators on the island from two to four to ensure that customers who are desirous of acquiring a home have a large enough pool of valuators to choose from.”

Currently, Keith Thomas and Adrian Galloway are the only two certified RICS Valuators in Montserrat.

“By adding two more certified professionals to the list, Bank of Montserrat aims to provide its customers with additional options and, at the same time, ensure that valuations are completed using the same high-quality standard across the commercial banks in the Currency Union,” the release explained.

Szjohn Griffith

The Bank’s release noted that both scholarship recipients, “have demonstrated tremendous potential in the field of valuations and have shown dedication and ambition to achieve their RICS certification. This scholarship presents them with a unique opportunity to further their education and career prospects.”

Baldwin Taylor, General Manager of Bank of Montserrat Limited, expressed his satisfaction with the scholarship recipients and emphasized the Bank’s commitment to the social and economic development of the country. Mr. Taylor commended Mr. Skerritt and Mr. Griffith on their achievement and encouraged them to continue raising the standard of the valuation profession.

Bank of Montserrat has always been a strong advocate for the development of the people of Montserrat. Over the past two years, the Bank has contributed over $200,000 to the social and economic development of the country through its robust corporate social responsibility program. In August, Bank of Montserrat proudly announced the recipient of the DRV Frank Edwards Scholarship, Ms. Lauren Estwick, who was awarded funding to pursue a first degree in Banking and Finance at the University of the West Indies. Ms. Estwick is expected to return to Montserrat on the completion of her degree. The scholarship, valued at EC$200,000.00, further underscores the Bank’s commitment to empowering young individuals to excel in the field of banking.

Bank of Montserrat firmly believes in investing in the people of Montserrat and providing them with opportunities to grow, both personally and professionally. These scholarships are just one of the many initiatives undertaken by the Bank to support the social and economic development of the island. Bank of Montserrat will continue to explore new avenues for supporting the social and economic development of the country and ensuring a brighter future for all Montserratians.