Calypsonians to Chase the Crown and Cash in the Montserrat Carnival 2023 Calypso Monarch Shows

Bragging rights are good, but cash is even better in what has been a challenging year for many in Montserrat.

The island also lost one of its most entertaining calypsonians in the voice of Desmond “Undertaker” Daley this year.

News of the cash amounts for special prizes for the 2023 Calypso Monarch Competition was announced by Montserrat Arts Council on Friday.

The council said in a press release that it chose “to announce the list in advance to give calypsonians the best chances at winning one of the prizes.”

Chair of the Calypso Committee Theodore Phillip says this move is about making things easier for the Calypsonians. “Instead of them having to wait until the finals to know what prizes there are to be won, or whether they have a chance at winning one; the early release of the prize list will serve as a guide when writing their songs.”

The special cash prizes which can be won by both writers and performers amount to $7100. This is in addition to the winning prizes for the top finalists. The 2022 Calypso Monarch De Voice won $10,000 for taking the top spot.

Crowd Favourite – William “Ruler” Murrain Award – $300.00
Most Creative Calypso – Denise Philip Award – $500.00
Improved Calypsonian – $500.00
Best Social Commentary – Justin “Hero” Cassell Award – $1,000.00
Best Festive Song – $500.00
Most Melodious Song – Everton “Reality” Weekes Award – $500.00
Best New Comer – $500.00
Best Arranged Song – The Kharl Markham Award – Arranger – $500.00
Best Written Calypso – The Randy Greenaway Award – Writer – $500.00
Most Comical/Jovial Song -The Desmond ‘Undertaker” Davis Award – $300.00
Best Census Song on “The importance of the Census. – $ 1000 for writer and $1000 for artist – $2,000.00

The 2023 Calypso Monarch Competition kickstarts on Saturday December 9 with the eliminations.