New Short-Term Ferry Service for Montserrat

The Government of Montserrat has secured a ferry service for the upcoming travel season. Passengers can expect to pay XCD550 roundtrip for the privilege. Currently, airfares are at XCD 482 with subsidy but are expected to rise closer to the peak travel season.

According to the Office of the Premier, a contract was signed on Friday morning with NAVIYUC S.A. de C.V., a Mexican shipping company. They will be operating V2V Empress Vessel, a 190-seat passenger ferry service between Montserrat and Antigua in early November 2023.

A release on the contract signing said the ferry service will be for a period of five months until March 31, 2024. The service will operate five days per week during the off-peak period and six days during peak periods in December 2023 and March 2024. The schedule will also include several Day Tour operations to Antigua and Nevis, with the possibility for travel from Antigua to Nevis or Nevis to Antigua, with a short stay-over in Montserrat.

Adult fares are XCD$275 one-way and XCD550 return.

Children ages three to 12 will pay XCD 125 and $250 return.

Children under three will pay XCD$30 one-way and XCD$50 return.

The regular fares are inclusive of the applicable Montserrat taxes of $25 embarkation tax and seaport security charge of $10. Additional taxes will apply at the port in Antigua.

Day tour fares will be XCD$400 return, including local taxes.

A further update on the specific start date and the launch of the ferry booking system on with the schedule and fares will be provided prior to the commencement of ferry service operations. The Access Division can be contacted by email at or 491 3378 or via WhatsApp on 664-392-3600.

(l-r): Access Coordinator, Ashley Lindsey; Daphne S Cassell, Permanent Secretary, Office of the Premier, Representative/Director for NAVIYUC Roberto Chami Lizarraga and Local Country Manager for NAVIYUC, Dagriee Wilson. Photo Credit: GIU

The contract was signed by Daphne S Cassell, Permanent Secretary, Office of the Premier for the Government of Montserrat and Representative/Director for NAVIYUC Roberto Chami Lizarraga.

V2VEmpress is a Belize flagged Vessel based in Progresso, Mexico.