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Play Mas at Montserrat Carnival 2023 with Island Diva Mas

The road is calling, and Island Diva Mas is ready to answer.

iDiva Luminess Male

The duo behind Montserrat’s premier mas band, Sharlene Lindsay and Jadine Greenaway known for making pretty mas and bringing epic party vibes on the road, have released the second of two sections which mas lovers can wear for Parade Day at Montserrat’s Carnival.

Luminess is a collection of dazzling costumes that will make mas lovers shine on the road. Each costume has a distinctive design, but they all use iridescent fabrics that reflect light in beautiful colors. The costumes are also adorned with prismatic stones that sparkle and catch the eye.

To complete the look for the ladies, each costume comes with a halo of lavender and white feathers that appear to float above your head, and matching accessories for your arms and legs. The strappy bikinis are secured with strips of fabric which crisscross around the body.

Luminess for women comes with a padded cut out bra and your choice of a stringed bikini or high waist bikini. There is a feathered backpack, a tiara, wrist bands and thigh and lower leg pieces.

For men, Luminess offers a lavender headband embedded with prismatic stones. The look is replicated with a chest piece, wrist/arm bands, a waist belt and lower leg pieces.

iDiva Luminess Female

Solair is a daring contrast from the coolness of Luminess. Red, even more red and gold are the basis for this collection. Each piece is brought to life in the energetic pieces in this collection. The head pieces are heavily adorned with colorful red and gold gems, with many other shades of the rainbow appearing when they hit the light.

iDiva Solair female

Designed by Greenaway, the strings which drape from the shoulder are reflective of Montserrat’s masquerades which features colourful pieces of cloth constantly in motion during the traditional dances.

“Masquerade is such an integral part of our carnival and we thought it was time to pay tribute to the dancers and this is a very important part of our cultural story,” explained Greenaway.

While Solair does offer more coverage than Luminess for women, the designs are equally as flattering.

It features a bandeau bra with straps and a jeweled monokini. The look is completed with a tiara, upper leg/thigh (1 pair) pieces and lower leg pieces (1 pair).

iDiva Solair Male

For Solair men, the costume comprises of a pair of shorts with a headband, chest piece, arm bands (1 pair), waist belt, and lower leg pieces (1 pair)

Both Luminess and Solair’s designs feature looks for full-figured women and those who have just enough.

It is possible to order body wear only or with a medium-sized feathered backpack for either section.

If you’re a lover of feathers and bling, the premium costume option is for you. It includes a large, feathered backpack and a blinged out wire bra.

“This is the first time we’re offering a premium option in Montserrat. Premium is available for both sections and we can’t wait to showcase them on the road,” said Lindsay.

Island Diva Mas caters to party lovers 18 and over.

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