ECCB Hosts 25th Sir Arthur Lewis Memorial Lecture

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank is pleased to present its 25th Sir Arthur Lewis Memorial Lecture, taking place at the Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium on the ECCB Campus on Saint Kitts, on Thursday, December 7 from 6PM.

The public is invited to tune in to the lecture, which will air live on ECCB Connects’ Facebook and YouTube platforms, as well as on national TV and radio stations throughout the ECCU. Here is the YouTube livestream link:

Keynote speaker, Dr. Ian Goldin, Oxford University Professor of Globalisation and Development, will be addressing the important theme of Deglobalisation: Implications and Imperatives for Emerging Markets and Small States.

Professor Goldin has received wide recognition for his contributions to development and research, including having been knighted by the French Government. Dr. Goldin previously was World Bank Vice President; the World Bank Group’s Director of Policy; Chief Executive of the Development Bank of Southern Africa; and Economic Advisor to President Nelson Mandela.

This year’s lecture is not to be missed, as it will surely follow in the rich intellectual tradition of the Caribbean’s Economics Nobel Laureate, the late Sir Arthur Lewis, whose legacy as a founding father of development economics has made an indelible impact on the
work culture and ethos of the ECCB.

Shernnel Thompson, who leads the planning of the 25th Sir Arthur Lewis Memorial Lecture, says, “At the ECCB, we celebrate and immortalise the work of Sir Arthur Lewis. His seminal work entitled Economic Development with Unlimited Supplies of Labour has helped us understand how our ECCU economies transitioned from agrarian-based economies to more modern economies.” Shernnel Thompson, who is Deputy Director of the ECCB’s Financial Stability Unit, adds, “It has helped us to also understand the role that foreign investment plays in economic development and even how trade with advanced economies affects our developing economies.”

The ECCB has held the Sir Arthur Lewis Memorial Lecture every year since November 14, 1996, up to November 14, 2019. Following a three-year hiatus, the annual event resumes this year as part of the ECCB’s 40th Anniversary Celebrations being held under the theme ECCB@40 – A Year of Reflection, Celebration and Implementation.

To learn about Sir Arthur Lewis, who was born in Saint Lucia, and the enduring ways in which the ECCB paid tribute to him in the early years following his death at the age of 76 on 15 June 1991, you are invited to view Sir Arthur: The First, a video production by the
Eastern Caribbean Central Bank. The video can be found on ECCB Connects’ Facebook and YouTube platforms:

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