No Disconnections in April, Says MUL Boss, Customers Encouraged to Clear Up Arrears

Montserrat Utilities Limited (MUL) says it will not disconnect customers in arrears throughout the month of April in an effort to encourage everyone to bring their accounts up to date.

In a radio statement last Friday, the acting managing director Julian Daniel said MUL needs the assistance of all its customers to operate sustainably and increase the reliability of the electricity and water services.

Daniel commended the customers who pay and continue to pay for their utilities on time. He asked that those who have outstanding bills to come in during the month of April to settle their accounts. He added that previous payment plans will be revisited.

The utility company has been challenged by a slowdown in customers paying their bills, with about $2million owed in 2022. During the pandemic, the government of Montserrat resorted to topping up the accounts of residents to keep the company liquid. MUL is also struggling with an aged power grid which although, they have added new generators, needs upgrades to its distribution system.

In recent weeks, the island has once again been dealing with random power cuts, despite a new generator being integrated into the power station.

The MUL managing director said the company looks forward to doing more in the very near future to enhance its relationship with the community.