Donaldson Romeo, Member of the Legislative Assembly

Donaldson Romeo Forms National Progressive Movement to Contest 2024 Elections

Former premier and member of the Opposition Donaldson Romeo has launched the National Progressive Movement ahead of the yet to be announced 2024 General Elections.

The first person announced on the NPM slate is Debra Lewis, who was most recently the Government of Montserrat’s Director of Regional Affairs. (Government employees must resign their post to be able to run in the elections.)

“We are officially registered as the National Progressive Movement, and we have chosen the color orange as our symbol for real change. I am proud to be associated with the National Progressive Movement, the party that is determined to work hard, day and night, shoulder
to shoulder with those at home and abroad, with God’s help, to save our beloved country from further decline,” the new party leader said in a statement.

“Montserrat needs a fresh, credible, and experienced Government; one with a plan to take us beyond our lingering crisis, beyond depopulation and the ongoing issues over governance, towards economic breakthrough, sound governance and self-sustaining growth
out of dependence on the UK Government. We need an experienced Government that will work hard to unite Montserrat around our shared goals and visions for the country. We need a group of genuine, dedicated and effective leaders, who understand the importance of teamwork and vision, unity and creativity, fearlessness and carefulness. You can be assured that the first ever slate of Candidates of the National Progressive Movement will respectfully and strategically fight for the good of all. Yes, I mean all — National and Non-
national, young and old, black and white, rich and poor, private and public sector, at home and abroad.

“Having a thoughtful, realistic, and innovative plan is very important, since as leader of the National Progressive Movement, I intend to take Montserrat’s case to the highest levels of world leadership. If ever we needed a solid team with a smart strategy and plan, it is now. We do not intend to be reactive, but proactive, and to hit the ground running. That is why the National Progressive Movement has taken the time to repeatedly meet, and reach a meeting of the minds, towards developing the most effective short-term, mid-term and long-term strategies for taking Montserrat forward, and upward.

“The National Progressive Movement has united around a shared ideology of sustainable development and inclusive empowerment, which all Montserratians, at home and abroad, can agree with. In consultation with the determined People of our Emerald Isle, we will develop a solid case and plan to rapidly improve our quality of life, that is economically, legally, morally, and politically sound,” the statement read.

“My previous administration labored to put much of the key transformational infrastructure in place, like the seaport, hospital, and undersea fiber. Now that these are finally becoming a reality, it’s time to take the next steps to lay down tracks to create generational wealth for our businesses and People,” Romeo stated.

No date for the constitutionally due elections has yet been announced.