Montserrat’s RESEMBID Energy Efficient Projects Extended

The Energy Department within the Ministry of Communications Works Labour and Energy has received an extension on two energy efficient projects being funded by the European Union’s RESEMBID programme.

The Energy Efficient Lighting and Environmentally Friendly Lighting Disposal on Montserrat, and the Post-COVID Cost Reduction through Energy Efficiency, valued at EUR €592,351 (XCD $1,691,795) have been extended until December 2024.

Launched in April 2023, both initiatives are an effort to increase energy efficiency across Montserrat.

“The Energy Efficient Lighting project aims to address the present energy demands of Montserratian citizens by enhancing energy consumption efficiency within the residential sector. To date, the project has successfully distributed 5217 energy efficient light bulbs
and responsibly disposed of 4218 old bulbs,” a release stated.

“Similarly, the Post-COVID Cost Reduction through Energy Efficiency project targets mitigating the escalating costs of energy consumed by Government of Montserrat properties. Through meticulous energy audits conducted on 13 government departments, the groundwork has been laid for energy efficient retrofits slated for implementation in late 2024.”

Expressing his elation at the project extension, Dr. Samuel Joseph, Minister for Energy, remarked, “Achieving 100% green energy for Montserrat by 2030 remains a cornerstone objective of the Ministry. Both projects significantly advance this agenda. I commend the tireless dedication of the Energy Department team and eagerly anticipate the culmination of these endeavors in December, propelling Montserrat towards a greener future. My sincere gratitude to the RESEMBID team for their collaborative efforts in supporting our clean energy aspirations.”

Ms. Latoya Smith, Programme Manager for Sustainable Energy, RESEMBID, echoed sentiments of pride for Montserrat’s commitment to responsible energy usage, stating, “It is heartening to see Montserrat’s proactive approach to energy efficiency, and RESEMBID is honored to be part of these efforts towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly community.”

Residents are encouraged to participate in the Free Lamp Exchange Program, allowing for the exchange of old bulbs for new energy efficient ones. Registration for the program is open via the following links:
English Language Registration Form
Spanish Language Registration Form
Haitian Creole Language Registration Form