Premier Farrell’s Promise of an Extended Ferry Service Falls Through

No explanation or apology has been forthcoming from Premier Joseph Farrell, about the reversal of a decision to extend the ferry service until next year.

The Access Division, Office of the Premier announced last week that the “Montserrat (short-term) Passenger Ferry Service, which was extended for a further period, closed on Tuesday, 30th April 2024 on completion of the 7:30pm journey from Antigua to Montserrat.

“The Government of Montserrat recognizes the importance of sea transport, particularly during the peak periods, but regrettably was unable to provide continued service at this time,” the release stated.

Premier Farrell had announced at the end of March that his government had secured a $17 million dollar deal to extend the V2v Empress service until April 2025. However, he was immediately chastised for the decision from various factions wanting to understand why the deal was so expensive and what services would be cut to allow it to take place.

In the recent annual budget presentation, the premier did not make mention of the ferry contract and whether it would be extended.

“The Access Division wishes to thank members of the public for their patience and understanding as the division continues to make every effort to provide safe, reliable, and affordable access & connectivity to and from Montserrat.

The division also expressed thanks and appreciation to the V2V Empress crew, and the stakeholders from Antigua & Barbuda, St Kitts & Nevis and Montserrat for the service they’ve provided to the Government and people of Montserrat.

For additional information contact the Access Division by email at or 664-491-3378 or on WhatsApp 664-392-3600.