Dr. Samuel Joseph

MCAP Announces Leadership Change Ahead of General Elections 2024

Premier Joseph E. Farrell, announced during the 2024/25 Budget Debate that he has stepped down as leader of the Movement for Change and Prosperity (MCAP).

As reported on March 28, 2024, the baton has been passed to Dr. Samuel Joseph, who is currently the Deputy Premier and Minister of Communication, Works, Labour, and Energy.

In his final statement during the Budget Debates, Premier Farrell emphasised the importance of leadership transition and expressed his full endorsement of Dr. Joseph as the next leader of MCAP. Reflecting on his decision, Farrell stated, “Let it be known that this is our strategy; I wasn’t pushed out. I stepped down because I understand that there is a need for transition to the younger groups. I understand that the younger generation must come to the fore, and hence it doesn’t make sense for me to hold on for nothing and stagnate the
young people.”

Dr. Joseph, in accepting his new role, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity and his determination to lead with integrity. “I am deeply honoured and proud to take on this new role within MCAP,” he remarked. “I extend my heartfelt thanks to Hon. Farrell for his leadership and dedication.”

During his speech in the Budget Debates, Dr. Joseph also paid tribute to the former MCAP leader’s relentless commitment to Montserrat’s progress. “This budget would not have existed and all the monies we spent on the people would not have existed if it
was not for the hard work of the Hon. Easton Taylor Farrell,” he acknowledged.

“With this leadership transition, MCAP reaffirms its dedication to fostering youth empowerment and inclusivity within the party’s leadership. As Montserrat approaches the 2024 General Elections, MCAP stands poised to champion the aspirations of its citizens, navigating the path forward with resilience and optimism,” the press release stated.

Dr. Sammy Joseph articulated his vision for the future, pledging, “I am committed to leading our party into the elections and beyond, ensuring that we continue to serve the people of Montserrat with dedication and integrity.”

No date has been set for the General Elections.