Sargassum Seaweed Nears Carr's Bay Beach

Sargussum Seaweed floats near Carr's Bay.

Sargussum Seaweed floats near Carr’s Bay.

Sargussum Seaweed floats near Carr's Bay.

Sargussum Seaweed floats near Carr’s Bay.

CARR’S BAY – Sea bathers and business owners are keeping an eye on the Sargassum seaweed which has been making its way along the coastline over the past week.

On Tuesday, the seaweed could be seen coming in near Carr’s Bay beach. According to reports received, it has already affected the coastline in Lookout and in Trant’s.

Sargussum Seaweed is a floating, brownish algae that attracts sand fleas and smells like rotten eggs. It is generally attached to rocks along costs in temperate regions. The seaweed blooms in the Sargasso Sea, located in a two million square mile body of warm water in the North Atlantic ocean.

Scientists have noted an increased in the algae this year and it is prompted CARICOM and other regional bodies to invest funds and other resources to tackle the problem.

The smell has been the cause of tourist cancellations in several Caribbean resort destinations.

Vita Wade of Aqua Montserrat said while it can be stinky and itch is important to let nature take its course. However, she is concerned that the seaweed could endanger turtles which are still coming to shore to nest. “They can get tangled in the seaweed and if they are unable to come to shore then the hatchlings can be trapped as well.”

Carr’s Bay is not far from the island’s most popular beach at Little Bay.
Director of Agriculture Ms Melissa O’Garro says they have been prioritising the beaches where turtles have been nesting. The high costs associated with the frequent cleanups is a challenge.

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  1. Nancy B says:

    I believe this seaweed can be harvested and dried and used as fertilizer. It can be hauled in via nets and any live fish or turtles would have to be removed, but anyone who wants to farm organically, this will save them lots of money. Once it is turned (dried) into the soil, it becomes an excellent fertilizer with a price tag of ones time and energy only.

  2. CDO INNOV says:


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    If you desire more informations, you can contact us at and we would gladly present to you our different solutions.

    Best regards

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