Arts Council Postpones 1768 Production

The Montserrat Arts Council will be postponing the theatrical production ‘1768’. 1768, a theatrical treatment of the slave revolt that serves as the basis for our St. Patrick’s day festival, was carded for St. Patrick’s week 2017. The play will now be produced as part of the 2018 programming as this will mark the 250th  anniversary of the legendary slave uprising.

“While doing research for the production with our partners, the Montserrat National Trust, we realised the significance of the date and thought it would be more impactful to have the play on the 250 th  anniversary instead of 2017 as previously planned. Further work on the script for 1768 will be done in 2017 for the final presentation in 2018,” Chadd Cumberbatch, Director of the Arts Council expressed. Mr. Cumberbatch also explained that the St. Patrick’s committee had been informed of the change and were supportive of the move.