View of Anglican Church in St. Peters.

Montserrat Featured on Great Destinations Radio Show

Montserrat is featured this month on the Great Destinations Radio Show.

The online website and radio programme features interviews conducted by travel journalist Keri Jones.

Jones has visited Montserrat twice and on his last visit in early 2016, he took the time to interview both officials, entrepreneurs and residents about life on island. The features show Montserrat from various angles and are quite refreshing. His photos capture the colour and energy of the island and his engaging stories are sure to encourage more wary and weary travelers to discover Montserrat. (see what we did there :))

Three features are below. Visit .


I Visit Plymouth In Montserrat – The Caribbean’s Modern-Day Pompeii

Discover The Creative Cafe Culture Of Montserrat – The Caribbean’s Original Rock Star Retreat

Montserrat – The Perfect Island For People Who Say They Don’t Like The Caribbean