32 Competiting in Calypso Eliminations this Saturday

It is finally Calypso Competition season and we’re ready.

This Saturday December  10, 2016, Festival Village will come alive with the sound of calypso. The first event to hit the Festival stage, Calypso Eliminations starts at 8PM sharp and will feature 32 calypsonians.

According to a release from the Montserrat Art Council (MAC) scheduled to perform are: Undertaker, D Nicess, Contagious, Rabo, Taffy, Son Slippery, Dolly, Jawanza, Sanjarion, Rackatang, Cruza, Ras Alpha, King Natty, Khandie, String Beans, Storm, Appliand, I-Brooks, Ben Durand, Sylk, Cupid, Ras Ipa, Maxcine, Chipsa, Basil Alphonso, I-Cultural, Thalia, Kulcha Don, Maggie D, Tabu, Gnity and Baptiste.

Out of the 32 calypsonians competing at the Eliminations, 15 will go through to the Semi-Finals on December 23rd. The reigning monarch, Jester ‘Ice Man’ Weekes will defend his crown at the Calypso Finals on December 30th.

Check out some of the 2015 eliminations to help you get in the mood.