New Author Juliana Meade Wants You To Have An Unforgettable Vacation

The multi-talented entrepreneur Juliana Meade has added a new title to her achievements. She is now a published author with An Unforgettable Vacation.

The book is currently only available on Amazon Kindle and is  a smartly written novella packed with travel tips for having the best time ever.

Written in the first person, we meet Auntie Sylvan who regularly travels to the Caribbean and this time is accompanied by a host of cousins, many of whom are returning after a long absence. She gives them a comprehensive strategy from what to pack to the best routes to get home.

“My intention was not to write a travel guide just tips for having a spectacular vacation. The book is about a family on vacation, so I wanted to show how families can have a great time doing things together. I wanted to highlight the importance of local culture and traditions and that if visitors were open to understanding, how wonderful their vacation would be,” the author shared.

Meade has smartly written in a bit of romance and perfectly captures the angst that many Montserratians who left shortly after the volcanic eruptions began, have about returning home and visiting the Exclusion Zone.

One bit of disappointment, which I hope she corrects is to name the islands as she uses unique locations on Montserrat, but it is never identified as the country they are travelling to.

The author took creative license and upgraded the Buried City tour experience in hopes of sparking the imagination of a potential investors, which will certainly boost the economy if it grows as an attraction.

“Everyone can benefit from reading this book prior to taking a vacation. It will eliminate a lot of the guess work and frustration,” says Meade. I would have to agree with her. Get your copy of An Unforgettable Vacation.