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Montserratian Selected as Young Coach for F4F Games in Russia

Young Reporter from Montserrat Haley-Shai Kassi (right). Football For Friendship Press Photo

Two young Montserratians are experiencing the 2018 World Cup edition of the Football for Friendship Games in Russia.

Haley-Shai Kassi was selected as the Young Journalist who will be contributing to telling the stories of the games. She is already racking up screentime on the F4F Instagram and website and we look forward to reading what she’s written.

Vashirn Roach, who is a member of the Montserrat Elite Boys is also in Russia to compete in the International Teams of Friends. He was randomly selected to be a Young Coach.

Vashirn Roach

Roach, is coaching a Team Lemur, which comprises athletes from Scotland, Congo, Barbados, Equatorial Guinea, Denmark, and Sudan.

International Teams of Friendship are the teams of Young Players from 211 participating countries and regions of the new season. The distribution of positions in the Team of Friendship and its compositions were announced at the Open Draw, an official launch of the Sixth season of the Football for Friendship programme. Memberships of the Friendship teams were chosen randomly.

Haley-Shai Kassi sits fifth from the length with other Young Journalists currently in Russia for the Football For Friendship Games.