File photo of Windstar cruise vessel in Little Bay harbour

Sea Swells Cause of Early Departure of Cruise Ships

The early departure of the two cruise vessels was not due to any anomalies related to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, authorities said Tuesday.

On Monday, Sea Dream I came into harbour and Star Pride on Tuesday but both ships left after a short while once it was clear that sea swells would make it a challenge for passengers and crew to disembark and embark safely.

The ships would have already met the pre-docking criteria and submitted the relevant health documents which are now being more thoroughly perused due to heightened concerns about the spread of the virus which has already killed more than 3000 people worldwide.

Health officials said their early departures were in no way related to any potential cases of the virus.

Other scheduled visits are as follows:

Little Bay 12-Mar-2020 Silver Wind Silversea 08:00-18:00
Little Bay 17-Mar-2020 Star Pride Windstar 08:00-17:00
Little Bay 22-Mar-2020 Silver Wind Silversea 08:00-19:00
Little Bay 6-Apr-2020 SeaDream I SeaDream