Where to Find your Ducana, Potato Pudding and More on St. Patrick’s Day

No parade and Slave Feast but sugar cake must be found and consumed.

Here is where you can find/order your ducana, sweet potato pudding and more on St. Patrick’s Day.

Feel free to tell us where else we can get some and the list will be updated.


Bush Rum – Gregory Willock will deliver – 492-2770

Ducana – Dawn Ryan’s is a family favourite – Should be ready by 12:30 on Tuesday. Call 496-2038 to place your order and for directions.

St. John’s

Emerald Rose is open today. Behind the SDA Church.

Davy Hill

Currant slices, fruit tarts and coconut tarts available from Cordella Yearwood. Her coconut tarts are legendary in my house. I know a few people who swear by her currant slices. Call to order 496-1905


Ronnie’s Kitchen has everything. Check the flyer.

Cathron has Souvenirs and Bush Rum

Cudjoe Head/Brades
Strat Brand T-shirts and wrist bands. Call 496-3372


1. Norene Brade (opposite MS Osborne) – Breakfast begins at 7:30AM. Goat water and salt fish cake throughout the day. Pull up and order.

2. Serving breakfast from 6AM to noon – Glebe, Salem – Call 393 8486 to order.