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Montserrat Arts Council COVID-19 Creative Competition Winners Announced

Following a month of judging the entries received in its COVID-19 Music & Poetry Competition, the Montserrat Arts Council has now selected the winners.

Participants were tasked with composing a poem or song about the Coronavirus, from any angle. Whether it was to provide guidance to the public or discuss the impact that the virus has had both locally and globally. According to the Head of Planning & Production of the Montserrat Arts Council Vernaire Bass noted that “the entries received were engaging, well written, imaginative, sometimes emotional, even angry but always humane”.

The entries included imaginative ideas of how society should respond when the crisis is over, how participants enjoyed spending quality time with their families, and ideas about the environment and politics.

The Director of the Montserrat Arts Council Kenneth Silcott said “Congratulations to all of the winners! Writing and documenting major global and personal events can play an important role in keeping people mentally strong and healthy during this worrying time and we were delighted with the calibre of entries and the positive feedback that we have received about the competition.”

The winners are:

18 and Over Poetry Winners

  • 1st – Jhonil C. Smith – Letter to Corona – $500
  • 2nd – Nadia Browne – Carona Conundrum – $300
  • 3rd – Dothlyn Kirnon – COVID-19 and Quarantine – $200
  • 4th – Zelma White – Corona – I will not Bow – $200

Under 18 Winners

  • 1st – Shanesha Weekes – I’m Confused Corona – $500
  • 2nd – Liana Green – Coronavirus: A Deadly Disease – $300
  • 3rd – Randia Fenton – COVID19 – $200
  • 4th – Raighne Smith – I am Quarantine – $100

18 and Over Song Winners

  • 1st – Kelvin “Tabu” Duberry – The Virus – $500
  • 2nd – Everlyn White – A Change Gonna Come – $300
  • 3rd – Maggie Destouche – Uncertain Times – $200
  • 4th – Cecil “Cepeke” Lake – COVID – $100

Under 18 Song Winner

  • 1st Liana Green- Lily Another Day Stuck in My Home – $500

All other participants to receive a $25 food voucher.

The winning entries can be seen on the MAC Facebook page at

They will also be featured on upcoming editions of The Saturday Morning Show with Rose Willock on ZJB Radio.