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Montserrat Island Scholarship

Apply for the Montserrat Island Scholarship

logo Montserrat Island Scholarship
Montserrat Island Scholarship

The Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports in collaboration with the Human Resource and Management Unit (HRMU) announced today that applications are now being accepted for the ‘Montserrat Island Scholarship’.

The scholarship, valued at EC$80,000.00 per annum, will be awarded to a single applicant who has demonstrated exceptional academic ability, excellence in co-curricular activities and has been accepted to an accredited university, college or institution.
Interested persons must submit applications to the Chairperson of the National Training and Scholarship Advisory Committee between June 1 2020 and June 30 2020.
Submissions can be in print or emailed to or

Application forms may also be obtained by emailing

The guidelines and application form can be accessed on the Government of Montserrat
website at the following links:


Application Form: