Montserrat’s Governor and Premier Will Take the Vaccine Next Week

The first batch of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, containing 3000 doses, arrived on Montserrat from the United Kingdom at 3:47p.m. today.

Governor Andrew Pearce, Premier Joseph E. Farrell and officials from the Ministry of Health, Permanent Secretary Mrs. Camille Thomas-Gerald, Chief Medical Officer (Ag), Dr. Bramiah Kassim and Expanded Programme on Immunization Manager, Nurse Violet Brown were at the John A. Osborne Airport to receive the vaccines.

Premier Farrell said he is excited to see the vaccines arrive as “the vaccines add another layer to our protection. We do not have any cases at the moment and once we start inoculating our population then we will be in a position to start opening up some of our borders.”

On Monday February 8, the Ministry of Health will begin to administer the vaccines to individuals who have already registered. To date, 351 persons have registered to take the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine.

In late 2020, The United Kingdom Government announced that UK Overseas Territories will be provided with COVID-19 vaccines.

Governor Pearce said “I am proud to have been at the John A Osborn Airport to oversee the arrival of the first shipment of the UK Government’s supplied AstraZeneca vaccine less than a year after the first reported case of COVID-19 on Montserrat.”

COVID-19 Vaccines Arrive on Montserrat – Governor Andrew Pearce; Premier, Hon. Joseph E. Farrell and Expanded Programme on Immunization Manager, Nurse Violet Brown. (l-r)

“With the vaccine’s arrival and the roll out of our vaccination programme starting on Monday next week, Montserrat has taken its latest well-judged step towards stamping out COVID-19 and safeguarding itself from this terrible disease,” stated Governor Pearce.

Premier Farrell and Governor Pearce have both confirmed that they will be vaccinated on Monday February 8, 2021.

Anyone may register for vaccination by contacting any of the District Health Centers at the following numbers:
St. John’s: 491- 5218
Cudjoe Head: 491- 5258
St. Peter’s: 491- 5436
Salem: 491- 5256