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Nerissa Golden

Nerissa Golden Releases New Book – Start, Grow, Thrive: Build a Business to Last

Business Strategist and Founder of Truly Caribbean Academy, Nerissa Golden has released Start, Grow, Thrive: Build a Business to Last, which she calls a road map for today’s entrepreneurs.

In the book, now available on Amazon, Golden introduces us to 19-year-old Kyle Matthew who has graduated from community college but cannot find a job. He decides to sell the traditional Caribbean fried dough, called Johnny Cakes but is challenged to not simply sell it on the roadside but build a brand.

Through the mentorship of his uncle, a financial advisor, Kyle also shows his parents how to transform their own small businesses.

“The story is told from Kyle’s perspective, but we come to see how his decisions and perseverance transforms his entire family and a community as well. While every entrepreneur does not need to have global ambitions, they do need to build with the future in mind. This opens up a new world of options that will allow small business owners to employ others and give to the communities and causes that matter to them,” adds Golden.

Start, Grow, Thrive: Build a Business to Last is a road map to legacy building,” says Golden. “Over the years, I’ve taught hundreds of hours of sessions on entrepreneurship, marketing and growing a business. Looking back at the number one reason why some succeeded, and others did not, was having a plan for the future.”

Golden said starting a business with the future in mind rather than to fix a short-term financial need makes a big difference in the actions that entrepreneurs take and the impact they will have. This, she said, needs to be the focus even in the middle of a pandemic.

“The businesses which were able to pivot and thrive during the pandemic had specific characteristics. They had systems, the business was not dependent on one individual, and they were agile in their ability to troubleshoot and create new solutions to continue to serve their customers,” shared Golden, who runs Goldenmedia LLC, a media and business strategy firm based in Montserrat.

Start, Grow, Thrive: Build a Business to Last is a welcome and critically-needed resource for an entrepreneur no matter where they may live around the globe,” writes UN Global Peace Ambassador and CEO of Upshift Global Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe in the Foreword. “In a thought-provoking fashion, Nerissa shares and highlights key aspects of business creation and growth, ranging from testing the idea, marketing, planning, process management and scaling. She reminds us that in both business and life, one must hold fast to purpose, passion, and persistence.”

The book is available as an ebook and in hard copy on

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About the Author

For more than 20 years, Nerissa has helped entrepreneurs across the globe through conferences, workshops, and one-on-one coaching to build businesses with impact.

A journalist and international speaker, Nerissa is the author of eight books including Start, Grow, Thrive: Build a Business To Last and The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur: Strategies for Overcoming Fear and Building Wealth.

Nerissa is the founder of Truly Caribbean Academy, an eLearning community to teach entrepreneurship and legacy-building. A mother of four and mentor to many entrepreneurs, she is a frequent speaker and guests on podcasts and live events.