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COVID-19 Outbreak Over, Ministry of Health Remains Vigilant

The Ministry of Health and Social Services declared that the most recent outbreak of COVID-19 is over.

According to a statement from Health Promotions Officer Penny Maloney, “the outbreak began on 31, December 2021 and peaked with 67 confirmed infections, the last of which occurred on 28, January 2022. Today, March 1, 2022, marks 31 days since the last locally transmitted infection.”

Ministry officials explained that today marks a milestone where after actively testing for the past 31 days and allowing for two full incubation periods of the virus to expire; the ministry can confidently say there are no local active cases of COVID 19.

Officials also expressed gratitude to residents, indicating that this milestone could not have been achieved without commitment to following the public health protocols; including reporting symptoms and coming forward for testing.

While this achievement is cause for celebration, officials cautioned that continued vigilance was necessary particularly as travel to and from the island has increased and imported cases of the virus continue to occur as evidenced by the case reported by the ministry on 26 February 2022.

As the ministry reviews lessons learned and strengthens its pandemic response, all are asked to continue practicing hand hygiene, social distancing and the wearing of face coverings.

Unvaccinated residents should also register for vaccination by contacting the St. John’s Health Centre at 491.5218.