Montserrat Player Competing in Caribbean Basketball Championship

On the 2nd of April 2022, British Virgin Islands will host the first ever king of the courts 3-point competition Caribbean Championship. The event will be held at the Jeffery Caines Arena on the island of Virgin Gorda and will feature 3-point specialist shooters from 14 countries.

Players will be placed in two zones with three elimination rounds, a zone championship, and an overall championship round.

Montserrat is being represented by Teshaun Phillip, who is managed by MABA President Gilmore “PapChow” Williams. Teshaun is Montserrat’s current 3-point champion for three consecutive years and the most valuable player in the last MABA Under-19 Basketball tournament. PRO Jermaine Wade said, “Montserrat being represented by Teshaun gives us the best possible chance of securing the coveted championship title, CARIBBEAN KING OF THE COURTS”.

MABA wishes the delegation the very best.