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Coach Jeff Layne is travelling with Tevique Benjamin and Sanjay Weekes. Coach Scottie was there to see them off.

Benjamin and Weekes Repping Montserrat at 2022 CARIFTA Games

Runners Tevique Benjamin and Sanjay Weekes left island on Thursday morning for Jamaica, where they will be competing in the 49th CARIFTA Games this weekend.

The 49th staging of the CARIFTA Games will be held in Kingston, Jamaica at the National Stadium, April 16 – 18, 2022. This is the eighth time that Jamaica will host this event and their national team will go after its 44th title. The Games are being staged under the endorsement of the North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association (NACAC).

Tevique Benjamin, Sanjay Weekes and young runner Amarion Munroe.
10-year-old Amarion Munroe of the St. Augustine School was there to see them off. Munroe is the Victor Ludorum for his school’s recent Sports Day.

19-year-old Tevique Benjamin will be competing in the 100m and 200m races for Boys Under 20.

Sanjay Weekes, a 16-year-old fifth form student at Montserrat Secondary School will compete in both 100m and 200m for Boys Under 20.

Travelling with them will be Coach Jeff Layne.

Both Benjamin and Weekes are expected to represent Montserrat at the Commonwealth Games this summer in Birmingham, UK.

The schedule for their events is below. Jamaica is one hour behind Montserrat.

Day 1 Session 1
10:20 100m U-20 Boys Heats (11:20 AST)

Day 1 Session 2
15:30 Opening Ceremony (3:30PM AST)
20:00 100m U-20 Boys Final (9PM AST)

Day 2 Session 1
11:30 200m U-20 Boys Heats (12:30 PM AST)
17:00 200m U-20 Boys Semi-Final (6:00 PM AST)

Day 3 Session 2
18:15 200m U-20 Boys Final (7:15 PM AST)

Order-of-Events_CARIFTA-Games-Kingston-2022 – PDF
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