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young man being tested with a nasal swab

COVID-19 Cases Increase to 30, Children Primarily Affected

As of 5PM Monday, April 25, 2022, the Ministry of Health and Social Services recorded 18 new cases of COVID-19 in Montserrat. This brings the number of active cases on the island to 30.
According to a government release, the “cases have been found to be primarily locally transmitted, meaning the infected
individuals have no recent travel history. Children also appear to be most affected in this current outbreak.”

Local schools held their annual sports meets for the first time since 2020 right before the Easter break.

Public schools reopened this week after the break, while St. Augustine will be closed for another week.

Samples have been sent to CARPHA for genomic sequencing to determine the variant in circulation and contract tracing continues.
Residents are asked to assist the Ministry in containing this virus by isolating and reporting any flu-like symptoms experienced to the Ministry via telephone numbers 496-7437 or 493-4755. Additionally, residents should be vigilant to protect themselves from the virus by wearing facial coverings and social distancing when in public spaces and by practicing good hand hygiene.
Unvaccinated individuals are invited to register for Moderna COVID-19 vaccination by contacting the St. John’s Health Centre at 492-5218.